National Shoe Trail 10K: Tuesday, June 26


Tuesday, June 26, 2012 (NOTE DATE CHANGE)

Run for fun or run to compete! Come out for an invigorating 10K run on the city’s beautiful trails at the National Shoe Trail Ten. Tuesday, June 26. Registration is from 5:00 p.m. until 5:50 p.m. Bowater Park. For Registration info see the RACE SCHEDULE page.



This years National Shoe 10 kms trail run is a two lap course with the total is slightly under 10 kms at 9.8 kms.

The start is to the left of the bandstand on the asphalt at the gate. Runners do one lap of the bandstand before heading up to the new parking area and into the power house. Turn around at the power house and head back out to the swiming area using the narrow walking trail just after the powerhouse access rd bridge. Pass the swiming area and use the dam/footbridge to the southside of the swiming area and the trail out to O’Cconnell drive. Right on O’C drive and back to the bandstand and on to the pedestrian tunnel.

After passing through the tunnel head past the playground area to the stream and down to the north side of the pond and the staircase leading to GM Inn parking lot. Then behind the GM Inn to the trail that leads to the lower footbridge across CB stream. Turn left there and head back up to the south side of the pond and then up to the lower level of the Sir Richard Squires bldg parking lot. Head up towards the lights to the turn around and back down the asphalt walking path to the footbridge and across to the playground area and tunnel.

After the first lap runners will turn left on exiting the tunnel and repeat the lap. Once the second lap is completed they will turn right on exiting the tunnel and do a half lap of the bandstand area before finishing in front of the bandstand.

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