2012 CBRC Event Schedule

Take the Plunge Spring Opener 5K: May 6, 2012

Arthur James Sun Run 8K: June 2, 2012

National Shoe Trail Ten 10K: June 27, 2012

BMO Downtown Dash 5K: July 19, 2012

The Furnace Man 15K: September 9, 2012

The Terry Fox Run: September 16, 2012

Coleman’s Half-Marathon 21.1K: October 14, 2012

Run to Remember 11K: November 11, 2012

‘Christmas Eve’ Run: December 23, 2012 (tentative)

Full details on all events will be posted in due course.

6 Responses to 2012 CBRC Event Schedule

  1. Lori ann says:

    When will registration open for the half marathon? And is there a cap? I’ve been looking for the registration and I can’t seem to find it


  2. Mervyn says:

    Thanks for your enquiry. No definite date for the opening of registration for the half-marathon has been set but it will probably be around two weeks before the race takes place. We’ll make an announcement in the Corner Brook media and also on the website. There is no cap at present, and unless we are overwhelmed with entries, which we’d like but don’t expect, there will not be a cap. If it looks like we will have to impose a cap we will give notice in the aforementioned media.


  3. Mervyn says:

    I should have checked with my colleague who looks after registration. Please disregard the above post (except the bit about thanks for enquiring, and the lack of a cap). Registration for the half-marathon will likely open this week or next, with an announcement posted on the CBRC website. Sorry about the confusion. We are really quite well organised.


    • Lori ann says:

      Thanks for the update. That’s good to know. I am trying to round up a few ladies from Gander to attend the event and Im pretty sure with some pressure I will be successful…LOL. It’s a shame that we need to leave the island in order to participate in any distance runs….so it’s nice to take in whatever we can locally.

  4. Nadine Wedd says:

    Hi, I was also looking for info on the half marathon. Can you provide route info? Does it follow riverside drive? Sort of looked that way from the pics I found. And was wondering if you know the registration cost? May be a group of runners from the east coast that want to come out there for it.

  5. Mervyn says:

    We are hoping to post information, including registration and a map of the route, within the next couple of weeks. Registration fee has not been finalized but will be in the $25.00 area. The route is from West Street in downtown Corner Brook, onto Main Street and Riverside Drive, the TCH, and into the Marble Mountain Ski Lodge for the turnaround. The return route is the same as the outward route. Hope this helps.


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