The Mattie Mitchell Walk…and Run: Sunday, May 3, Norris Point

HEADS UP! The Mattie Mitchell Walk (honouring an aboriginal guide, trapper and fisherman), will also feature a run (approx. 10K). Walk starts at 11.00 a.m. (approx.), run starts at 12:00 noon (approx.), on Sunday, May 3rd. The starting point is the Jenniex House car park (that’s on the left about halfway up the hill coming out of Norris Point) from where the course goes up the hill to the turn-off to the Visitor Centre. This road twists and turns downhill, then back uphill. The route goes past the Visitor Centre to the main highway, where it turns right and continues on the level until a long downhill to near the car-park for the Gros Morne trail. Total distance is between 9 and 10 km. The organisers are planning on having transport back to Norris Point available (although certain runners may want to turn around and run back). Because of the hills it might be a good warm-up for anyone doing the Cabot Trail Relay later in the month.

For more information contact:

Shirley Montague


Mervyn Dean

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